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Bruen Glynn & Company, Solicitors have considerable experience in representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants in personal injury actions. We will assist you in dealing with the Insurance Company or even the Motor Insurance Bureau of Ireland if necessary. We will provide further assistance in respect of a claim to the Injuries Board and if necessary, progressing the claim through the District Court, Circuit Court or High Court as applicable. We have also successfully progressed litigation through the Courts in the area of Medical Negligence.

Bruen Glynn & Company also have considerable experience and expertise in dealing with contentious disputes that may involve breach of contract, land/property disputes, financial disputes, Estate disputes and defamation/libel actions.


Probate and related matters

Bruen Glynn & Company, Solicitors will advise you on all aspects of making your Will. The importance of planning for the future should never be underestimated. It is good estate planning for everyone to have made a Will, regardless of your estate’s assets, to assist those you leave behind.

We will deal with all matters concerning the application for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration and making the necessary High Court application.

We also advise in respect of Enduring Powers of Attorney which is a document that allows you to plan for the future while you are in good health. The document is executed at any time when you have full mental capacity but does not come in to effect until such time as you lose mental capacity to make decisions, at which point the appointed Attorney(s) register the Enduring Power of Attorney with The Wards of Court Office. We will liaise with your Doctors as appropriate and Attorney(s) at all times to ensure your wishes are followed.


Bruen Glynn & Company, Solicitors will assist you in all aspects of buying and selling and in all types of property transactions. We deal in residential property, commercial property, agricultural land and multi-unit developments. We can further assist you in respect of mortgages or re-mortgaging. We also have extensive experience in dealing with compulsory purchase acquisitions.

We will also advise you in respect of leasing either on a short-term or long-term basis in respect of commercial or agricultural property.

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Bruen Glynn & Company, Solicitors have for over eighty years assisted farmers in dealing with the various problems that have faced them and have regularly advised them on how to best progress some of the following transactions;

  • The purchase/sale of land.
  • Land succession and transfers to include tax planning.
  • Compulsory Purchase Orders.
  • Property disputes
  • Boundary disputes.
  • Issues regarding rights of way and the registration of same.
  • Exploring windfarm and solar farm options.
  • Engagement with the Department of the Environment/Chief State Solicitor’s Office in respect of the sale of bog.
Criminal Law

Bruen Glynn & Company, Solicitors will also assist and represent you in Court in respect of Criminal Law matters. Unfortunately, at some stage in life, everyone can find themselves requiring advice on a criminal law matter be it road traffic offences, public order offences, assault or theft. We also have Solicitors certified for the Criminal Legal Aid panel should your circumstances mean that you would qualify for Legal Aid to discharge your legal expenses.

Old Irish books

Bruen Glynn & Company, Solicitors have significant experience in dealing with matters under the Intoxicating Liquor Act to include applications to Court to renew a lapsed licence, extend a licenced area and the sale/purchase of a licence. We also deal with the following applications on a regular basis for Intoxicating Liquor licence holders and applicants under the Gaming and Lottery Acts;

  • Ad Interim Transfers
  • Confirmation of Licence
  • Applications associated with Restaurants and Hotel Certificates
  • Applications in respect of Off-Licences
  • Music/Singing/Public Dancing and temporary Dance Licences
  • Licences for Festivals
  • Occasional licences for special events
  • Special Exemption Applications
  • Annual Dance Licence Applications and Renewals.
  • Lottery Licences
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Bruen Glynn & Company, Solicitors have extensive experience in the area of family law and will assist you and advise you in respect of the following;

  • Judicial Separation/Divorce
  • Separation Agreements
  • Financial and Property matters arising from a previous Judicial Separation/Divorce.
  • Property disputes
  • Custody/Access to children
  • Guardianship applications
  • Domestic violence applications to include Protection Orders/Safety Orders and Barring Orders.
  • Application to dispense with consent of a parent in respect of application for passport for a minor.